Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Casual Encounters

Sorry for the radio silence: it has been a very busy week. My time has been consumed by many other projects, such as trying to find housing and a job for next year (people interested in giving me money in exchange for services, I’d love to hear from you in the comments) and sitting silently by myself on Valentine’s Day (which took HOURS).

Tonight I only have time to pop in briefly. Short but sweet. Unlike my Valentine’s Day, which was long and bitter and cold.

This is our first week back in class, and as a gift to our students we’re doing something of questionable English value but unmistakable fun value: MAD LIBS. (While doing research for this post, I went to the Mad Libs website to poke around and see what was happening. Currently there is a product being advertised on the front page called the “Girls Just Wanna Have Mad Libs: Ultimate Box Set.” Valentine’s Day tip: girls don’t just wanna have mad libs. In fact most women I know would put Mad Libs fairly low on the list of things that they, ultimately, would want.)

Our Mad Libs topic was “personal ads”. Below are two results: one for a student, and one for me. If you’re interested in either of people below, send a face pic and we’ll chat. Plz no fatties.

Personal ad #1:

(Happy), (fantastic) Chinese student seeks (exciting), (bored), (beautiful) (beauty) to (swim) with. Must love (hackers), (teeth), (human beings), and (feet). I don’t like (walking) or (working), and you shouldn’t either! I am a (great) and (ugly) person who can be (embarrassed) and (loud) with the right partner. If interested, write me at (cherry) Signed, (Sexy) (Festival).

Personal ad #2:

(Black) Oral English Teacher who loves to (run) and (play) in his spare time looking to find the (okay), (elegant) woman of his dreams. O.E.T. wants someone to (sleep) (quickly) with while we vacation in (Australia), the home of the world’s best (bananas). O.E.T. has two pet (giraffes) named (Figo) and (Peter). Looking for someone at least (1) cm tall and who weighs less than (12) kg. RU the 1? Email me at (successful)(chair)(22)

Maybe I’ll post more of these later this week. Or maybe I’ll get off my lazy ass and write a real blog post. WE’LL SEE!!!