Friday, January 21, 2011

Rachel Was Here

For the past three days, my sister Rachel has been staying with me in Guangzhou. Some things:

  1. She met Gristle. It was a difficult for them to relate, because Rachel only speaks English and Gristle only speaks crazy. During our dinner, this happened:

    Gristle (in Chinese): You and your brother have the same hands!
    Me (to Rachel): He says that our hands look the same.
    Gristle (in English): Like spiders.

  2. She met Serena. Serena did her game best to speak English to Rachel the whole time, and it actually worked pretty well. Serena, Rachel, and I went to a part of the city called Shamian Island yesterday and met up with my friend Reid for coffee and dinner. It’s lovely when friends meet friends. After our dinner, this happened:

    Serena: You know what’s miraculous? You and your sister look so much alike, but you are so handsome for a man and she’s so beautiful for a woman. Do you guys talk about this often?
    Me: Not tons, no.

  3. I went to get my haircut, and Rachel got a 洗吹, a wash and blow. As we were sitting next to each other in the salon, this happened:

    Hairdresser: This girl sitting next to you: is she your girlfriend, or your wife?

And that’s all that happened. Today we’re leaving for Vietnam, so enjoy yourselves while I’m away. Year of the Rabbit’s on its way: get excited.