Monday, January 3, 2011


  1. It’s really cold inside my apartment, and so I wearing my coat indoors. The collar of my coat smells like tacos. Recent smell tests, conducted by me, reveal that only the right side of the collar smells like tacos. The left side smells like what I expect my coat to smell like, which is nothing.

    Breaking news update: a supplementary smell test has discovered more specific results, namely that my collar smells not like tacos, but rather taquitos.

    That’s all the news on that front.

  2. There’s a new Business Flannel video. I wouldn’t watch it unless you’re interested in hearing Barack Obama yell the f-word.

    I can’t embed it properly because of its width (I’ve said that before! In a sexual way!), but you can watch it on youtube here.

Happy 2011, my pretties.