Monday, January 10, 2011

Name Recognition

On Saturday, my film studies students took their final exam. Part of one of the questions asked them to name a film we had studied this semester in class. And this, dear reader, is how they responded. (Real title of the movie above, student variants below.)

Back to the Future:

  • Go Back to Tomorrow


  • Prasto’s Hat
  • Prestoe
  • Prestor
  • Puresto
  • Pasto
  • Preston
  • Presto Bunny
  • Pesto


  • Shark

Battleship Potemkin

  • The Bottle Ship Potemkin

Die Hard

  • Did Hard

Modern Times

  • The Modern Time
  • John Chaplin


  • Corps
  • Crops
  • Rops

There Will Be Blood

  • There Will No Blood

Unclear what film they were referencing

  • New Jeff