Friday, January 7, 2011

All My Friends

  1. My friend, Jason O. Gilbert, is a blogging menace. Not only does he continue to post funny content on our sketch comedy website, Business Flannel, but he’s also now a featured writer on a comedy site that we’ve partnered with, Evil Chili. Check him before you wreck yourself.

  2. My friend, Clayton Raithel, has started a daily dolla billz bonanza in the form of a triva giveaway. Since I live in China, I am not eligible to participate. Since you presumably do not, you are. So go. Win your money.

  3. My friend, Andrew Wells, was reading my blog the other day, and he read a post where I may have mentioned, apropos of nothing, that I was colder than the prepuce of a warlock. And you know what? He went out and bought us a new heater. So now I’m not cold anymore. And — what luck! — he unknowingly heeded the advice of my mother, who, after the aforementioned post went live, emailed me to say that I should buy a heater but:

    Please don’t buy an inexpensive dangerous type of heater[…]nothing with fumes please.

    Andrew Wells and my mother: always looking out for me.