Friday, December 17, 2010

Presented Without Commercial Interruption

I believe the following skit speaks for itself.

Transformer: Harry! Harry! Look at this man! He’s so ugly! His head looks like a ball. His eyes look like beans. Oh! Look at his legs! His legs look like eggplants!

Everybody except Monster: Ohh~!

Monster Gaga: What? I’m angry! I will eat all of you just like to eat a sandwich.

Harry: Well, it’s just a piece of cake. I will tell you what true music is. (Spicy Girl)

Monster Gaga is hurt.

Monster Gaga: I’m not feeling well but I won’t give in.

(Monster Gaga doing exercise)
Spider Man doing Taiji

Spider Man: You’re so rude. Look at me!

Monster Gaga: It seems that I have to show my unique skill.

All come over.

Monster Gaga: Human kind is the most powerful race!