Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Ghost of Blog Posts Future

Tonight I am tired (More running! Marathon Man over here!), but I thought you should know:

Last week my students all did skits in class, and — here’s the kicker — they all had to do them in different film or TV genres. Which meant that I got to see hundreds of Chinese high school students perform five-minute musicals, tragedies, romantic comedies, and the like.

In case it’s not clear, this is very good news. For me mostly, because my “job” this past week, for which I’m earning some very small amount of cash, was just to sit and watch my students explore the reaches of human emotion in that noblest of art forms, the theat-ah. But it’s not just good for me, because here at The Guangzhou Story we practice trickle-down blogonomics, and what’s good for me and the military-industrial complex is good for you, the single mother of three.

So all this week I’ll be pulling choice excerpts from students’ performances, analyzing their intricacies and wrestling with their ambiguities, as I am wont to do with challenging and often contradictory texts.

Just so you know I’m not pulling you off, here’s an example quote, chosen at random from the page of notes I have in front of me. It’s from a tragedy:

“Poor honey, be at ease with me. I will choose you as my little kitten. You are not like my last lover, who was querulous and ugly.”

It’s going to be a great week.