Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Get to Know: Jon!

Several months ago, I sat down with some hard-hitting student journalists for a no-holds-barred, Wikileaks-style tell-all. An edited version of that interview appeared in print in the school magazine today. Unfortunately, unlike this blog post, the print version of the interview did not begin with a sentence containing five hyphens. Can’t win ’em all.

Excerpts from the story appear below. Note: my students conducted the interview in person, recorded it on their cellphones, and transcribed it later. So, all errors sic! Also this is exactly how it was formatted.

[Maybe you are Jon’s current or former student, maybe you’re a fan of English corner every Wednesday]
But…Do you really know who he is?

Hobby: writing plays(comedy), reading, watching movie, making improvisational play
Fruit: papaya (木瓜)
infor: [the magazine is called “info”] (after hearing the answer) WOW~
Jon: Why?
Infor: Because papaya can………
Jon: Can make you have a bigger breast?
Infor: Yes! Why do you know that?!
Jon: Because everytime I tell chinese people my favourite fruit..they reply me like that…But anyway, that’s not the reason I like it..


Infor: What’s your feeling about GZ & our school?
Jon: I love the school. The student are great here, smart and kind. GZ is pretty good though it’s not my favorite city. My favorite city is Beijing & Shanghai. Mostly because when I go to a new country I’m often very interested in learning their culture but in GZ it’s not as strong as those in BJ & SH.


Infor: What about your high school?
Jon: Well, my high school is very different from yours. Because I went to an all-boy high school. (Wow, were you lonely?) Umm, very different experience. And no one lived in campus, we didn’t have dormitories as yours.


Jon: I’m stil young I don’t have time to think about getting married… (Actually 22 is nearly…) Are you kidding me? Not until I’m 30… (What’s the besti ieal fiancee for you?) I value communicating much. well is important to make me laugh. ( And good-looking?) Um, you know you can talk about whether someone is super attractive now, but if you wanna be married to someone ,you’re for entire life,you have to look at something deeper.Such as whether you can get along well, whether you match……

There’s an author’s note below the piece. It’s written in Chinese and describes my high school as “纷繁多彩”, which I would translate as “complex and colorful” but which my dictionary also points out could mean “flamboyant”. The jury is still out.

(Of course I hate this type of ambiguity in writing, because I value communicating much. But that’s a conversation for another day. When I have a wife.)