Tuesday, November 30, 2010


You should know that I do not refer to my students by their real names on this blog. I change their English names so that it is harder for their classmates to identify them, should they ever find this blog. Which has likely already happened. In fact they’re probably sitting behind me right now. The call is coming from INSIDE THE HOUSE. INSIDE THE SQUAT TOILET ACROSS FROM MY BEDROOM.

So I should say that the student in this post is not actually named “Stella”. The real name still ends with an “a” and still should, by all rights, belong to a woman, even though the student in question is a boy. A boy with the moves of a man.

If you’ve ever wondered what happens outside of my window every Tuesday and Friday at 10:05 am, it’s this. I encourage you to keep your eyes on Stella, the boy in front, just to the right of the red number 8.

Now watch it again. And watch how clearly superior Stella is to his classmates.

It’s fine work like this that makes my high school the best in the province.

(Also, hey, that Sepak Takraw video I posted last week? It has over 8,000 views. That’s 5,500 more than “Family Meeting”. I think you know what to do.)