Thursday, October 21, 2010

Jon and His Students Get Physical

First badminton. Now this.


This is a picture of a Chinese person being good at ping pong. I had a picture of myself being good at ping pong, but it got lost in the mail, where a dog ate it and then subsequently, for good measure, exploded.

The footage, in other words, could not be found.

Nevertheless, in the spirit of challenging my students to sports which they are genetically, nationalistically predisposed to excel at, I played ping pong with two of my students on Tuesday afternoon. And, in an act of what later generations will doubtless term “Ping Pong Diplomacy”, I graciously lost to each of them once at the beginning of the match.

But then, like a ping pong phoenix rising from the flames of severe mental deficiency, I triumphed and beat my students consistently for the rest of the afternoon.



At one point, after she failed to return one of my Screamin’ Ace Serves, my student called across the table, “Good shit!” Shot, Annie. The word is “shot”.