Thursday, October 28, 2010

Debate Season

Some people, who will remain nameless (but, hint: gave birth to me), sometimes complain about the fact that I, sometimes, fail to write posts on a fixed schedule. I’ll agree that this is a justifiable concern, especially coming from someone — not saying who — who had me inside her uterus for nine months. And then brought me bear upon the world one morning, one agonizing, interminable, likely very sweaty morning.

In this case, as in all cases, I have been busy with things. Minutiae. Flummery. Bagatelles, trivia, trifles, trollops, trolls. We’ve all been there.

Just popping in to say:

  1. On Sunday, my students are going to the countryside to learn about the simple, fulfilling lives of farmers. I’m going on vacation.

  2. My students did debates in class this week. I thought the debates would be funny. That’s the only reason I assign anything anymore: because I’m old, I’m grumpy, and I want to be entertained. Soon I will start refusing to teach by saying that the humidity is making my knees swell and spend the period playing Spider Solitaire while my students sit in silence.

    The debates were not as funny as I thought they’d be, so the joke was on me, since I had to listen to them all week long. I do have one moment to share. A team was debating the possibility of allowing students to date (they aren’t here), and one of the debaters noted:

    There is a big possibility for lovers to have sexy which is unlegal and bad for our physical and mental healthy.

    So that was pretty good. And hey, all you with lovers out there: be alert to the possibility of sexy; it could strike at any time.

    Also one group was talking about part time jobs (accidentally just typed “party time jobs”!!! Different thing.) for high school students, and they said that having a part time job is “a beautiful experience we will remember throughout our lives.”

    With all respect to Rep. Mike Honda and his legislative agenda, that is not really how I conceive of my time as an intern at his San Jose office.

    Plenty of bold leadership in the Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus, though. Can’t fault him for that.