Friday, October 1, 2010


Gristle. We all know Gristle. My sweet, sweet Gristle: he’s now on Facebook. And Gristle and I are now, officially, Facebook Friends.

I encourage all of my Facebook Friends to friend him to because, come on, who doesn’t need a little Gristle in their life? Surely not anyone who enjoys excitement, laughter, and frequently bizarre and sometimes racist non sequiturs. Surely not anyone interested in taking pictures of Chinese men in the shower. Surely not anyone who feels they would enjoy a male friend who touches their hair, massages their shoulders, or strokes their arm when the going gets tough,

Surely not all of you. SO I encourage you to friend him ASAP, because you really don’t want to miss his status updates. They haven’t started yet, but I am sure that once they do, they’ll be really really good. Probably also in Chinese, but if you’ve gotten this far in the Guangzhou Story, then presumably that is no longer a problem.