Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Maybe I Should Just Refrain From Naming Students Altogether

Told a student that he would henceforth be named Simon. He liked the name. Wrote it down. Liked it so much that the next week his group decided to name their team “Simon’s Room.”

Of course when they announced that name to the class they didn’t say “Simon’s Room,” they said “Semen’s Room.” Which to a non-native English speaker is I guess how it looks.

You know what they say, best laid schemes of mice and men go oft a’ jaculate, but when I name a kid Simon, I don’t expect any trouble. Same with Felicia. Same with Aurora. I clearly have no ear for what is and is not an appropriate name for a Chinese high school student. But I will add Felicia, Aurora, and Simon to the list. The only things on the list so far are Gaye, Cochburn, and Bea. Gaye and Cochburn explain themselves. Bea sounds like the Chinese word for vagina.

You now know everything I know about teaching in China. Really, not as hard as it looks.

Back from vacation! Exciting stories await! Tomorrow: a post about soup. Sounds like a joke but it’s not!