Wednesday, June 2, 2010

What I’m doing tonight instead of posting on my blog

Going to an open mike night at a Chinese bar. My sense is that this will pay off in blog posts down the road, so I’m sure you won’t mind.

A while ago I mentioned that all buses in Guangzhou are equipped with screens playing non-stop educational and commercial content. Today I was on a bus that was playing a video of someone washing their hedgehog. On loop. I almost missed my stop it was so cute. I wish I had something to say but I can’t concentrate because I keep thinking of the way it rolled up into a little ball when the person tickled its stomach.

Update after returning from the open mike night: Seriously? That was it? You’d think that an open mike night in Guangzhou China would be full of things that are perfect for a “humorous” “blog” such as this one. But it turns out it was super American. Some guy played a “Florence and the Machine” cover. I danced the twist. Look, Edward Said, when I go to China I expect to see some crazy shit. This was mostly guys in flannel shirts pretending that we were in Brooklyn.

OK so honestly I had a great time.