Thursday, June 3, 2010

Let’s Play Categories

It goes like this.

Questionable opinions espoused by my Cantonese tutor Serena while she was at our house last night

  • I bet you like Pearl Harbor.
  • You will enjoy the plot of this other Chinese movie I’m about to spend 15 minutes describing to you.
  • Maybe the reason you don’t like Pearl Harbor is that it is too depressing.
  • We did presentations on world events during in one of our business classes, and the funniest one was about September 11th.
  • Rudy Giuliani is wonderful.
  • Pearl Harbor is one of America’s best films.
  • You must be very concerned about Rudy Giuliani’s health.


Unfortunate Freudian slips from a recent recent SAT tutoring sessions

  • When I intended to read the phrase “Men are not made for the landscape; the landscape is made for men”: “Men are not made for the manscape; the manscape is made for men.”


Surprising responses Chinese students give to the question, “Can you name a concrete noun?”

  • Cockpunch.