Monday, May 10, 2010

What's the Weather Like?



(The only people who might understand that reference: Callie, Jason, Gus. All three hundred of my students. I’m hoping they don’t read the blog.)

My power has been out intermittently all day, so who knows if I’ll ever be able to post this, or if we’ll ever get power back at all. No one else in the building seems to be all that worried about the situation. I overheard a woman telling her coworker that she heard that they stopped the power because they had to “change” it. I mean, the phrase she used literally means “change the electricity”, but I think it usually means “change batteries”, so maybe our building is battery powered. Like a Furby. With people inside. But if not, what does it mean to change the electricity? And how long will it take? And what voltage will the new electricity be? Can I still use my hair dryer? And if Gristle hadn’t stolen my iron, could I still use that?

Oop, power’s back. Who knows for how long. I would be worried about the stuff in our fridge spoiling if the outage continues, but all we have in there is half a papaya, three apples, and a jar of fermented bean curd. It’s like some Twilight Zone version of a bachelor pad, where instead of beer and old pizza you have tropical fruit and soybean cubes soaking in brine.