Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I had a whole post sort of written up about Dean’s Date, which is the day at Princeton University when all academic work for the semester is due, but then I scrapped it because the only people who might have found it funny have been awake for 44 hours and would laugh at anything, including my idea for a Tom Wolfe parody sketch called The Bonfire of the Manatees. I’ve pitched this idea to like 10 people and no one else has ever laughed. Just wait, one day I’ll write it and you’ll all see just how hilarious marine satire can be. Spoiler alert: main character will be named Merman McCoy.

Other funny things: today’s Garfield.


The fact that the ball of spaghetti looks like a ball of yarn (note: is this the setup of a joke of some sort?) seems like it’s something that should be the cartoonist’s fault. Because I can tell yarn and spaghetti apart, like, really easily, and I’m not even a lonely man middle-aged man who talks to a cat. Yet.

A post about Dean’s Date would also lack broad appeal. Speaking of an appealing broad (I AM FULL OF JOKES), I’m a pretty big fan of this picture from today’s The New York Times, specifically the facial expressions on both parties:

Karzai and Clinton

Karzai’s got a little smile like he just farted or is excited about his cape or something, and Clinton’s smiling like, “Oh, you,” but also thinking, “Wait, is it just me or is my chair made of snakes?”