Monday, May 17, 2010

It’s Hot in the Poor Places Tonight

Specifically, I’m hot, in my poor place, my room, my apartment, Guangzhou, China — right here.

There’s not much more to be said on that one. I officially made the winter to summer transition when I replaced the space heater next to my desk with a fan. Democrats, John Muir’s ghost, and otters everywhere will be glad to hear that this marks the end of my How Much Energy Can I Waste On Temperature Control game. The rules of this game are simple: turn on your air conditioner full blast, but also turn on the space heater under your desk so that your toes don’t get cold. It’s a game I used to play for hours at a time, and with surprisingly little self-loathing.

More good news: despite no longer having my space heater, my toes will not be cold, because two girls sold me socks on the street yesterday. They were doing some sort of fundraising drive and they had two items for sale: socks and bracelet charms which said I LOVE YOU. I didn’t ask any questions. I needed some socks, so I bought a pair. (I needed socks because I’m also playing a game of How Long Can I Go Without Doing A Load Laundry, which is still in progress.)

The tag says that they are NIKE EXECUTIVE SOCKS. I would accept nothing less, and I refuse to buy socks from any street-corner sock-and-bracelet merchant unless they are of the highest quality.

Really, though, they’re not great. They make my feet sweat, and that’s a deal breaker for an executive.