Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Fermi Problem

I had a two hour German tutoring session with Gristle today. Of those two hours, estimate how much time was spent watching clips from the movie Something’s Gotta Give.

If you guessed thirty minutes, congrats! You’re correct! Your prize is that you never have to watch Something’s Gotta Give with Gristle.

In the other hour and a half, we learned the phrases “Guten Tag!”, “Tchüss!”, and “Wie geht’s?” So the German is going really great also.

One thing from yesterday: we were walking back from lunch and I made a dumb, obvious joke about one of the teachers in our school. Gristle laughed and then turned to Gus and said, “you know, I think Jon’s getting funnier.”

So there’s that. Obviously I take this praise (?) with a grain of salt since it comes from the man who believes Something’s Gotta Give is hilarious and Keanu Reeves is charming. His words.