Friday, March 12, 2010

A Wong Kar-Wai Quickie (sounds like my wedding night!)

Just like last Friday when I posted a video of me trying to juggle, this Friday night also finds me not yet one hundred percent prepared for tomorrow’s lessons, so I don’t have tons of time to share the authentic Chinese experiences you’ve come to know and love.

But our Cantonese tutor did say something cute yesterday (what else is new), so I might as well share that. I was saying something about Wong Kar-Wai (what else is new), and we started talking about his movie 花样年华, which in English is translated as “In the Mood For Love,” but in Chinese actually means something like “Flowery Age” or “Time of Flowers” or, as I’ve sometimes seen it translated, “Our Glorious Years Have Passed Like Flowers,” which is as beautiful as it is inaccurate (which is to say: fairly).

Anyway we were talking about this movie with Serena in Chinese, and she decided to test out her English and said, “In English don’t you call it ‘In the Mood for Flowers’?” Which we don’t, but god we really ought to.

I’m in the mood for flowers right now. I’d love some flowers. There were some flowers blooming in Guangzhou last week, but then the weather turned cold again and killed them all. It’s going to rain this weekend, and so any flowers that are still alive will probably trampled down into the mud to drown.

And that’s the Guangzhou Story for this week. See you Monday.