Saturday, January 23, 2010

F That Noise, I'm Leaving

For all those of you who thought I cried myself to sleep after my last blog post, here's a video of what I actually did last night.

Executive summary for all the business executives in the room: This is a video of Serena juggling. Gristle appears in the background eating crackers. You should watch this video if: you want to see a cute Chinese girl juggle while singing an English song, or you want to hear what Gristle's voice sounds like. He is very impressed by the juggling, but not so impressed that he stops eating crackers. Also, if you listen closely, you can hear Gristle ask me if I can teach him German next semester. He asks this not realizing that mein Deutsch ist so katastrophal that I had to look up how to spell katastophal just now. So the joke's auf ihm.

Yesterday was the last day of class for the Fall Semester, and today Gus and I are starting winter break (centered, obviously, around Lunar New Year rather than Capitalist New Year) by heading off to Guilin for a week. I'll then be traveling out of the country for a little bit and return in time for Chinese New Year. All of this is to say that the general silence around here will continue on and off for the next month.

Sometime next week, though, I'll definitely be posting about a trip I took with Gus, David, and our friend Stephanie to the 雕楼 (diaolou, fortresses) around Kaiping. Diaolou are tall mansions which were built in the early 20th century by wealthy Chinese expats who wanted to protect their wealth from bandits. They are now abandoned. Seeing large Western-looking towers jutting out of villages in the Chinese countryside is exactly as weird as you'd expect.

I'll also be posting about Chinese New Year at some point. We are about to start the year of the tiger, which is bad news for people who were also born in a tiger year -- generally, your own year is not auspicious. I realized today that many of my friends from college were born in the year of tiger. So, sorry guys: if you are turning 24 between Feb. 2010 and Feb. 2011 then the next 12 months may not be great. What goes around comes around, though: when I turn 24 in 7 years I'll have bad luck too.

Enjoy your vacations, everyone! If you don't live in China and don't go to Princeton, never mind. You can feel free to continue enjoying your normal life.