Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

I was at a Western hotel a few weeks ago and saw an advertisement out front for a Christmas Party Extravaganza called "Bling X-MAS", Guangzhou's Biggest Christmas Bash. For 245 RMB, guests receive unlimited Bacardi cocktails and all the fun they can handle. Suggested attire, according to the poster: "Attitude!"

I would have more details about "Bling X-MAS" if I could remember them, but I can't remember them because today I had a Christmas Bash of my own called "What Happens to a Moleskine Notebook in a Washing Machine."

That's what I get for washing my pants on the extra attitude cycle.

I'll be out of town for Christmas next week, so posting here will be sporadic or possibly nonexistent. Catch you all in the next decade, when the century enters its tween years. iVillage calls this period an "awkward, unique, and often difficult time," which sounds a lot like my current life. Trust me, guys, you'll love it.