Saturday, December 12, 2009

Example #22

It's Friday night, and even though that should be a night dedicated to brewskis with one's bros (or manischewitz with one's mishpocha; Happy Hanukkah!), because I work on Saturdays it's just another weekday night for me.

This week, we continue with our culture unit, and what an exciting continuation it is. We did an activity where we handed out the lyrics to several English songs with some words left out and had the students fill in the blanks while they listened. (We played Laurie Anderson's album "Big Science". Just kidding, she's way too poppy.)

One of the songs that we heard was "Rehab" by Amy Winehouse, which I do not think has aged particularly well but which has a clear structure, fairly catchy melody, and a Profound Account of the dark side of showbiz and crack smoking. You may remember the part of the song where she sings
I'm gonna, I'm gonna lose my baby
So I always keep a bottle near,
or, as it was presented to our students,
I'm gonna, I'm gonna lose my baby
So I always keep a _______ near.
This word is a little difficult to hear in the song, so almost none of my students got the correct answer, if by "correct" you mean the word that actually appears in the printed lyrics of the song. If by "correct" you mean "better than the original", then one of my students did get the correct answer, which is: towel.

It's reasonable. It scans. It's a nice thing to have around if you're "gonna lose [your] baby." I think that "Rehab" would be a better song if, instead of being about a drug addict and alcoholic who is reluctant to attend treatment programs, it were about a woman who's looking for sensible solutions to spills and messes around the house. ("There's got to be a better way!") Get on it, Lefevre. The thing writes itself.

No more real thoughts about this week. A little repetetive (when was the last time you spent a week explaining what a "shot glass" was 11 times to groups of 30 16-year-olds? (So many numerals in that sentence! It's like a math party up in here)) but basically fine. Oh, one more thing: another addition to our ongoing "You Know You Live In China If" series.

You know you live in China if you notice one of your "bad girl" students playing with something during class, and you think she might be texting or something so you crane your head to get a better look and realize that she's absent-mindedly solving a Rubik's Cube over and over again under her desk while she's listening to you lecture. America, we're doomed.