Sunday, November 8, 2009

No Jiangsu post tonight

Because I am tired and since I am "supposedly" a real teacher I "supposedly" have math homework to grade. Hey, remember that time when I had to teach the proof of Fermat's Little Theorem to 40+ non-native English speakers, at least 8% of whom have no interest in math and are only taking my class because of my good looks? Because I remember that time like it was this morning.

I just wanted to clarify some time zone information for everyone on the East Coast. The end of daylight savings time means that I am now 13 hours ahead of you, so the easiest way to go is just add one hour to whatever time it is there and then change am to pm, or vice versa. Or as I like to describe it, "put a one down, flip it, and reverse it". (Incidentally, it's that sort of streetwise explanation that makes my math class so fun and approachable for my students. Or it would, if only I could stop referencing American hip hop songs that no one in China has ever heard of.)