Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Happy Singles' Day!

Today is November 11th, which means it's Singles' Day in China! Why? Because November 11th is 11/11 -- a row of four 1s, presumably feeling just as lonely as single people do every day of their lives! This is the sort of fun holiday that only people in relationships find funny. The way that people traditionally celebrate singles' day is by eating 油条, long sticks of hot fried dough, which look like the number 1. And, incidentally, like a penis. Just me?

Anyway, some updates from today before I get back to Jiangsu tonight (I promise it will happen):

- Remember the hen from yesterday? I FOUND THE HEN. I FOUND IT. I AM A THE HEN MAN.

I got up early this morning to skype with someone and while I was making tea I saw the hen on the ledge outside my kitchen window. I texted my student, but the problem is that there is no obvious way to get out onto that ledge, since all the windows have bars over them. I told her that I thought she should probably just ask a security guard to get a ladder, and she responded:
Oh thanks a lot. i'll tell my parents the hard situation and ask for help. thanks from the bottom of my heart :D
I sent her a quick "No problem. Good luck with your hen!" and then she fired back with:
Ha, god bless me. that's really funny.
I think the phrase that she was looking for was "bless my life", but the moral of the story is I'm a hero and I'm also hilarious. I'm, like, the perfect guy. I'm the fireman who comes and gets the cat out of your tree and then sweeps you off your feet and takes you inside and makes gentle, sweet, riotously funny love to you. Who's interested, ladies? Ladies? Hello?

- My friend Mark commented on my Legally Blonde post that a video of that performance surely would attract a million YouTube hits. That reminded me that Gus actually did take a short video of the opening scene, which you can see here:

The. Best. Day. Of. My. Life.

- It rained today, so Gus and I are currently walking around our apartment shirtless (topless?) while our shirts dry. Singles' Day, more like Sexy Day, am I right??? Seriously, no ladies are interested in a piece of this action? Come on!