Thursday, October 22, 2009

You May Be Living In China If... give a beggar money on the street and in return he gives you what he's holding in his hands, which, in this case, turned out to be...


Some of you may be saying, isn't it possible that the man wasn't begging but was instead selling his scallions, and that instead of giving money to a beggar you were actually just buying scallions?

And I would say to you, yes, I thought of that, but if he was selling scallions then he should stop kneeling and banging his head against the ground with a bowl in front of him and buy a cart or something. Plus, if he was selling scallions then I was just being a sensible shopper rather than just being a good guy, and I am a pretty great guy, so you tell me what's more likely.

The scallions are currently in our fridge because the only food we have in our house is peanut butter, bread, cookies from my mom, candy from Gus's grandma, and mooncakes. And none of those things go well with scallions, except possibly the mooncakes, because nothing could be worse than plain mooncakes.