Sunday, October 18, 2009


Some things that have happened while I was busy writing about Hubei:

Remember when I said that I thought my math class was going to have about zero students in it? So it turns out that the actual number of students is 51. I was pretty worried about this number before class yesterday, because there was no way that 51 people understood the course description.

We had the first class yesterday, and it turned out my fears were only partially justified. I asked everyone to tell me why they wanted to take the class, and six of the girls said that they didn't really know what the class was about, but that they wanted to be in my class because I was really handsome. After the first girl said this, the entire class broke out into applause. True story.

There was also one guy who said that he didn't know that the class was going to be about math, but he didn't say that he thought I was handsome, so I don't really know what he's thinking. Also, one girl also said that doing math "made her want to kill herself." It's gonna be a great semester!

Also, hey, guess what? Turns out our students have been conducting a long-term investigative report into the question of ranking Gus and me in order of attractiveness! And the results are in! The verdict is that I'm hotter than Gus when he's got his glasses on, but he's hotter than me when he takes his glasses off. I have several comments:

a) This is better news for Gus than for me, because he can take off his glasses but I can't take off my face. But I'm happy to concede defeat to him in the contest of Who's More Attractive To 15-Year Old Chinese Girls. They aren't really my target demographic. Nevertheless,

b) Gus may or may not wake up one of these days with his glasses stapled to his face. Just kidding, Gus!! But let's keep those glasses on, ok, bud?

Finally, remember when Gus and I translated part of a performance art piece? I neglected to mention then that our payment for this service wasn't going to be "money" "per se", but instead was going to be in the form of custom made t-shirts for Gus and me. Last night Fang Fang (the artist(-ess. A lady artist! Women making art? Soon they'll be playing golf and wearing pantsuits!)) came over and we hung out for a couple of hours and she took our measurements & some sample t-shirts that she could use as patterns. She also asked us whether we would mind if the t-shirts were v-necks, and also whether we would mind if there were holes cut out around our nipples. I told her that would be fine.