Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sorry, sorry

Sorry for the lack of updates over the past few days -- I was in Hong Kong all day Monday, and it was past midnight by the time I got back, and then the next day I was so tired from the previous day that I decided to just go to bed after tutoring. To everyone still in college: it turns out that after you graduate, you're allowed to go to sleep whenever you want. To Jason Gilbert: yes, I am aware that this is how you've been living for the past 35 years, or however old you are.

More stuff from my Hubei trip later tonight (promise!), but I just wanted to let you know that while I was in Hong Kong I saw a public basketball court which had a sign next to it that said (in English), "Dunk Shot Not Encouraged." I wish that all signs in public places were written by the same passive-aggressive mother who wrote this one, e.g. "A Good Son Wouldn't Walk on the Grass", "It's Fine With Me if You Kill Baby Birds by Littering", "All I'm Saying is if You Dive Into the Shallow End of the Pool, You're Driving Yourself to the Hospital." I looked at the Chinese to see if the tone was different, but since I was in Hong Kong it was written in Traditional (i.e. what the eff) Characters. Like, the way to write "Strictly Prohibited" in simplified characters is 严禁. In traditional characters, it's 嚴禁. Zoom in and look at that first symbol. What the eff is that? (I recognize that many of you may think that the first version is also needlessly complicated. This is my attempt to Look On The Bright Side.)

Updates soon. xoxo