Tuesday, October 27, 2009

More Cantonese Bragging

Gristle said today that we pronounce Cantonese words approximately as well as Northerners! So we still sound ridiculous while speaking, but only as ridiculous as non-Cantonese speaking Chinese people. The trend is up.

I will now attempt the impossible task of communicating something which was incredibly unable-to-breathe-you're-laughing-so-hard funny at the time but now just seems bizarre. Gristle was over for our joint Cantonese/ukulele lesson (he teaches us Cantonese and in return we teach him English and Gus teaches him to play the ukulele) and he decided to tell us a story about his nearly getting robbed on the street. The story was fairly long (approximately 10 minutes in the telling) and convoluted. We listened to it politely once and then at the very end he said, "it was weird how it happened right outside the subway station. I mean, I was walking along and this guy came up to me..." and then he started telling THE EXACT SAME STORY AGAIN. So I notice this and start laughing, and then I notice Gus is also laughing and I start laughing more, and so I spend all 10 minutes of the second telling wiping my eyes because I'm crying because I'm laughing because Gristle is totally, totally oblivious.

I promise it was really funny.

Also, Gus and I wrote an article for the a student-edited English publication called "Dream Catchers" (catch those dreams!) about "Our Lives at Princeton", and now the editor wants us to supply pictures of ourselves and our friends at Princeton. I tried looking through my facebook photos, but so many of them contain inappropriate elements (outrageous faces, alcohol, partial nudity) that it might be a lost cause.

But, my friends from Princeton: your image may be appearing in Dream Catchers sometime soon! I will make up elaborate, implausible backstories to tell my students about you and your many accomplishments. I've already decided to tell them that Callie used to be a champion figure skater before injuring her knee while water-wrestling an otter.