Saturday, October 24, 2009

Long Awaited Newspaper Post!

I promised to deliver an edition of this blog all about the news (neither of those were actually puns) in my muumuu-inspired monkey rant from earlier this week, and here it is!

The first bit of business is a brief article from a recent China Daily, which, since I'm tired, I will present essentially without comment. Write your own jokes. The first paragraph:
A migrant worker drinking alone at a restaurant in Dalian, Laioning province, started lying to a couple of strangers near his table about how rich he really was. The strangers later killed him.
For the record, this is what is called burying the lede.

The second piece of business is much, much more important. A black man saved someone's life in Guangzhou. Let me say that again:


A black man was walking along the street in Guangzhou earlier this week when he, a black man, along with several other people (non-black) saved the lives of several laborers trapped in a traffic accident. Then the rescuers, among whom was a man who was black, left without leaving their non-black names, and the black man also not leaving his name, also black.

That's the gist of this article from the Guangzhou Daily, translated for your enjoyment by none other than our translation company, Jon and Tate Plus 8 (Collective Years of Chinese Epxerience).

Gus has a more complete account at his blog, but, in case you don't click through, I want to describe the situation briefly: there was a fairly serious traffic accident in Guangzhou earlier this week, and after it happened several people rushed to help, among whom was a black foreigner in town for the Guangzhou Trade Fair. But the front page coverage of the accident ran with the headline "Cement bags trap six people alive, Black brother courageously comes to the rescue," where the part about the Black Brother is not the subhed but is equally as large as the first part of the sentence.

The article refers to the man as "黑人兄弟" throughout, which literally means "black brother" but which one online dictionary translates as "soul brother."

Also, the first sentence is "Lovable black brother, where are you?" Also, they illustrated the story with this picture:

I wish I were in a funnier mood because virtually every paragraph of this story is jokeworthy but I'm tired and have to get up early tomorrow to teach Citizen Kane in my American Cinema class.

But, in summary: this. shit. is. gold.