Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Judgment Day

Today is literally judgment day for me and Gus: a PiA representative is here in Guangzhou to observe one of our classes and comment on our general living situation in Guangzhou. He is literally our boss and he is literally the first real guest we've had in Guangzhou, and if we do poorly we are literally going to be on a roller coaster to hell.

It's true: Kai from PiA is here, and he's sitting in on one of our classes, which, this week, happens to be about the difference between literal and figurative language. During class, we're having our students write skits which highlight the differences between literal and figurative language. (The similarities between those last two sentences speak to the clarity and specificity of our pedagogical goals!) Highlights include a group of Chinese high-school students shouting "my brain is literally going to explode", which marked the point where a skit about math homework turned into a gripping counterterrorism saga complete with a ticking time bomb scenario. It was like 24, if everyone on 24 could not really speak English, and also could not stop giggling.

Since Kai is here, we gave him the full Guangzhou treatment, which involved going to dim sum in the morning and then coming home and taking a nap until class. His excuse is that he had jet lag after a 16 hour flight; our excuse is that we take a siesta (or 睡午觉, in Chinese) basically every single day. So, if I ever tell you that my life in Guangzhou is "busy", I mean it's busy after you factor in a good 2 hours of totally committed napping.

The rest of the day was pretty good. Our students are really stressed about the Sports Competition happening this weekend, which begins on Friday morning with an opening ceremony at which every class will perform a choreographed routine. All the students are performing in the ceremony and some of the teachers seem to be involved too, so I have no idea who the audience is going to be for this thing. Our students have asked us several times to come, so we're definitely going, but we may be literally the only people in the stands.

We had English corner again this afternoon, like we do every Wednesday, and this week it ended with Dark (of Chinese Democracy fame) singing the Daniel Powter song "Bad Day" in falsetto. He then let loose with a few Michael Jackson numbers. Then he made a blowjob joke.

So yeah, I Had a Good Day.