Thursday, October 8, 2009

And we're back

Good news: I wasn't crushed to death! (There was a risk of that.)

We're back in Guangdong province after a whirlwind tour of Hubei. We saw some great sights and had some fun times, but the most remarkable thing for me was that by the end I was missing home, and the home I was missing was not California or Princeton but Guangzhou. Stories and pictures TK; for now you will have to subsist on the bullet points: overnight bus rides of death, a mountain which shares a name with an important New York hip-hop group not named Public Enemy, babies pooping on trains, me crushing a dog with my suitcase.

Something brief, non-trip related:

This weekend was also the Mid-Autumn festival in China, which is a fun holiday where families spend time together and consume "treats" called mooncakes, seen here in a traditional plastic wrapping:

These "treats" are so "delicious" that many of my students claim not to like them. But I know they're just joshing!! Trying to steal all the mooncakes for themselves!! How can you not love a dense patty of lotus/white kidney bean paste with two full salted duck egg yolks inside?

Want to know how many mooncakes we have in our apartment? 13. Which may last us the entire year. I bet my students who pretend not to like these delicacies are salivating right now over the thought of some mooncakes and their delicious taste (approx. mealy sugar) and appealing consistency (approx. paraffin wax). Suck it, kids! We've got the goods.