Tuesday, September 22, 2009

"A Friend of the Asians"

That is what I am.

That is also what I thought one of my students said when I asked him what computer games he enjoyed playing. He told me all about this game that supposedly runs on the Warcraft III engine and is really, really popular among the students here. I really could not understand how you could make a fantasy real-time strategy game called "A Friend of the Asians", but there are a lot of Asians here, so it sort of made sense.

At the end of class I asked him to write down the name for me so that I could check this game out, and he handed me a sheet of paper with "Defense of the Ancients" written on it. Naturally.

Another way I'm a friend of the Asians: a student took a picture of me during class today. I asked him what he was doing, and he said that it was for a school project, but then he handed the camera back to a group of giggling girls who were sitting nearby. So the school project might just be called "girls take pictures of male teachers in class."

Look at me, making friends. An Asia FriendFinder, if you will.