Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Chinin' on up!

Now we're in the big leagues, getting our turn at bat, we finally got a piece of the mooncake and bought ourselves a chin up bar.

Gus and I are getting in shape the only way we know how: by copying what people do in the movies when they're in prison and don't want to go soft and get shanked in the meal line. Having seen both The Shawshank Redemption and The Green Mile, I can tell you that what they do is do chin ups and push ups, until they meet a friendly black man and start learning lessons about friendship and the power of positive thinking. (Note: this is not the way it works on Oz.)

Gus and I are on the road to fun and fitness. And I want you to meet someone who is very excited about this whole pull up thing..

I'm going to pretend her name is Cheryl. Cheryl's picture is on the box that our pull up bar came in, and she can pull me up anytime! If only she didn't have tragically elongated arms and torso from having to hang there for hours and hours.

She's demonstrating one use of the possible uses for a chin up bar, and I would be happy to follow her lead and just use it for hanging (a wonderfully soothing form of aerobic exercise which I'm pretty great at), but Gus and I have big goals of being able to do a non-negligible number of consecutive pull ups with minimal jumping, resting, or crying.

So far our results are not great, but just take a look at our home gym:

Note the stairstepper machine on the floor in the corner, which I never use but which we keep next to the chin up contraption in order to impress our (hypothetical) guests. But I am actually doing chin ups, and actually swimming. That makes two forms of regular exercise, which is infinity percent more than the zero forms of regular exercise that I got at Princeton. (But I did get some serious irregular exercise, if you know what I mean! Please, someone, tell me what I mean.)

Possible other song-based titles for this post: just "Chin Up" ("our bodies get bigger but our hearts get torn up") or "Sit Down. Chin Up."

Sit Down.
Chin Up.
The rain drops
The rain drops
The rain drops
The rain drops
The rain drops x 47