Wednesday, September 9, 2009


So because of time travel (slash the international date line), today was already 09-09-09 in China. Let me tell you, everyone in the United States: it's going to be a great day.

Also I hear this is an auspicious day for Chinese people (, thx callie) because 9/9 (九九) sounds like 久久 ("long lasting"). The article says that lots people are getting married today, presumably because they want to love each other long time.

[I can verify that this is true, by the way, (about the words sounding the same, no idea about the marriages) and not another liberal media lie.]

The article also points out that 08/08/08 produced a lot of marriages and speculates that 10/10/10 will also be a popular date. And they say that journalists aren't willing to make bold claims in the post-Watergate era.

Also, speaking of 999, last week Gus and I were at lunch with Gristle (we don't have tons of Chinese friends, and by "not tons", I mean, like, two), and we were talking about emergencies. He asked us what we dial on telephones to get an ambulance, and we said 911, which is what the Chinese call the September 11th attacks. He responded, "Oh, 911." Then, in English, looking down at his food, "I'm sorry." We're sorry, too, Gristle.*

* I think these stories about Gristle would make more sense if you realized that, as far as I can tell, the only English phrases he knows are "I'm sorry" and, yes, "It's a joke!"**

** Though last week he did once say "You are making a joke!" Conjugations! ***

*** So how about that David Foster Wallace? I hear he's a real up-and-comer.


Got another text from Lao Yang tonight, around the same time as the one last night.


[How do you have He Yinghong's telephone number? Do you know him? Are you together right now?
Do you have a relationship?]

First off, Yang -- can I call you Yang? -- I like your moves: this must be the Chinese version of "we have ways of making you talk", where you bombard me with questions before shoving my head in a toilet Sydney Bristow-style until I find some answers.

But, Yang, I won't answer these questions because I asked you a question first, and that's how it works. (I know, so. playground.) When I texted back last night, "I'm sorry, who are you?", it wasn't like a oh-Yang-you-old-dog-you-know-how-we-joke sort of a text, it was a I'm-sorry-who-are-you sort of text.
So, this time I texted back, "sorry, you have the wrong number." Your move Yang, you old dog.

Gus and I were invited to audition for an Amazing Race-type show in Guangzhou called "Discover Guangzhou Reality Show." (Title is vital.)

We can't actually do it because we have work and can't take off to run around the city. But they did send me info about the show, with gems like
Hightlight of the Show:
1)  Action
2)  Elimination

Requirement of contestants:
Energetic, challenging, from other countries

Key words of the 3rd Season:
Vitality, Creativity, Sunshine 
But I would seriously audition for this if I could, because nothing goes together better than competition and sunshine.