Monday, August 31, 2009

Next time you feel like you're striding boldly into the future, ask yourself

am I striding as boldly as these people?

Last night we met up with the 4 people in Guangzhou from the Yale in China program. We went to a board game parlor where you pay a small hourly fee to sit and play one of the many board games that they own there. We spent most of our time playing a Chinese version of Pictionary, where you have to draw words like "mahjong", "Miss Hong Kong", and "smog".

And yes, they had a Chinese-language version of Settlers of Catan (卡坦岛拓荒者, if you want to know).

School starts tomorrow, which is Tuesday, because I live in bizarro-land China, and my weekend is going to be Sunday and Monday, rather than Saturday and Sunday. BUT the Saturday classes won't start for a few weeks, so for now I just have 3 day weekends. I will probably spend those weekends doing exactly what I've been doing for the past few days, i.e., sweating, drinking tea, gesturing mutely at objects I desire.