Saturday, August 29, 2009

Luggage update

For all of you who were interested in whether or not I was able to get my 144 lbs. of luggage to China (hi, Mom! Thanks for reading!), you'll be glad to hear that I did get it all to Guangzhou successfully. The handle on one of my bags broke, and the last 200 ft or so to our building (my "trail of tears", if you will (too soon?)) was really awful, but I made it. Total damages: popped blood vessels in my hands, general aches and pains. Presumably this is what people who "lift" "weights" call a "good" "workout."

But I think I overpacked, because when I got to the train station in Hong Kong, I saw that Gus only had a small duffel bag and a ukulele. Well he'll be the one looking foolish when he realizes that I may have had heavier luggage, but now I have a 2-volume set of Beethoven's complete piano sonatas on my bookshelf. Suck it, China! You can take away our stylists, but you can't take away our style!

Also, speaking of aches and pains, Chinese people love firm beds. My bed is like the floor, only slightly harder.