Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hong Kong, more like Hot Kong!!

No, but seriously, it's pretty warm here. I spent most of the day wandering around in parks. (Rachel: yes, I did go to the playground at Hong Kong park where we played hide-and-seek with the Maks, but I left quickly because I realized that it's weird for 21-year-old man to be hanging around a playground. But they still have the slide and the sand scooper things we used to play with!)

I went to both the dry and humid rooms in the 2-room Hong Kong Park Conservatory. The dry room was just a sandy air-conditioned room filled with cactus. I found a picture on flickr: Note that the caption says, "To make exhibitions more interesting, artificial rock and mini canyon are constructed to simulate the environment of arid region." There are artificial rock and mini canyon, but they do not make the exhibition more interesting.

When we were driving I saw a sign that said (in English): "American Secrete Agents stop killing Hong Kong citizens with wireless signals." American Secrete Agent in Hong Kong? Sounds like Chris Tucker with a sweat problem! Am I right, guys, am I right?? There's a joke there somewhere!

(I just looked it up on imdb, and the tagline for Rush Hour 2 was "Get Ready for a Second Rush." Obviously all the good writers were too busy working on the brilliant, subtle script.)

Ok, gotta run meet a friend. Remind me to tell you all about my new jet lag secret, which is working great but involves staying up for 30 hours and fasting for 16, so maybe jet lag is better.