Monday, August 24, 2009

Air Canada: "we demand to be taken seriously"

So even though I'm flying from America to China tomorrow, I'm using Air Canada. I decided on that airline because I treasure traditional Canadian values like universal health care, snow, and one-way flights to China for $287.

As part of the online check in procedure, I had to swear that I wouldn't be carrying any normal dangerous materials like bleach or or firearms or propane torches. After clicking "continue" on that page, though, I was taken to a second page of prohibited items, which I guess are things that Canadians find threatening. This page was labeled "Sports Equipment" and asked me to swear that my checked baggage wasn't going to contain

- hunting bounty (parenthetically clarified to include "antlers or horns")
- a bicycle
- a surfboard

The joke's on them, though, because I haven't engaged in athletic activity since my mom took me out of karate in 1993.